Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Switch Your Mood?

Ans: Switch Your Mood is a Blogging website, Shopping Website and Also a Money Making website for our Users.

2) How can we do Blogging with Switch Your Mood?

Ans: It’s Very easy, We have Front-end Post submission panel in right top corner name as “ADD POST”, who helps you to write different kind of Posts. Example for :
1) Story Post ( A Simple Blogging Post).
2) It Allows you to Create a Ranked list.
3) Personality Quiz.
4) Trivia Quiz.
5) Polls.

3) How we can do Shopping with Switch Your Mood?

Ans: it’s Very easy, we have separate shop page for our shopping lover users. So they can go there and buy what then want. It’s a India based but we wanna around the world so we use $ as our primary website currency. Our users have lots of benefits if they shop with us. To know more about this read this page FREE SHOPPING.

4) How can we Earn Money with Switch Your Mood?

Ans: Earning money is tough task of our life but we try our best to make this little effortless. We have point system on our website. We give you point for your every single movement and at last we convert it into Money. We have well define Point Distribution system so you can easily learn it. Read More here MONEY POINTS

5) How much Switch Your Mood is Secure?

Ans: We are very secure and your data is also very secure with us.

6) How to Login with Switch Your Mood?

Ans: You can see a Profile icon in your Mobile and also in your PC, You just need to click on that icon. Now you can see a popup in your screen. who helps you to login on our website very easily.

7) How Switch Your Mood do Earning?

Ans: Switch Your Mood earn from Google Ads and Shopping Store. We sell product to earn money.

8) What is in the Gift Box?

Ans: Gift Box for our users who wanna earn money from Switch Your Mood. Their you will so many different ways to earn money from Switch Your Mood.

9) What is Free Shipping?

Ans: As I mentioned in the Shopping with Switch Your Mood question up there, it’s a benefit of shopping with us. We gave you point on every purchase and at last we give you a chance to buy your Favorite thing with these points.

10) How much minimum point needed for do Free Shopping?

Ans: It’s 500. You need minimum 500 Points to buy your favorite thing.

11) In Free Shopping we only buy from Switch Your Mood or Anywhere we want to buy?

Ans: Yes you are free to buy things from anywhere. If you have enough points to buy a product.

12) The Points value are same for India and Other Countries?

Ans: if you talking about except Shopping Points then the points value is Same but if you are about Shopping Points then the point value is different. You have to calculate according to the rate of USA dollar.

For Example: If you 500 points and the USA dollar rate in India is 70 then you have to Divide 500/70, it means you have 7 dollar to buy a product.

13) Why Shopping Points not exist in the Point Distribution System?

Ans: Shopping Points and the other website points both are different things. Shopping Points Earn from Shopping and Also spend on Shopping. You can’t cash them but in other points case you can earn them by doing browsing our website and write blogging and you can also cash them.

14) How do we know about our points, how much we earn?

Ans: It’s easy. Check your profile you will get updated with your earning points below your profile pic and you also get you about how much you earn today on Leader board.

15) How do I get know about my Money?

Ans: In the end of month we will update your wallet. There you can see how much you earn on this month.

16) How we can Connect with Website Admin for Further Assistance?

Ans: You can use chat option from the bottom left corner of this page or you can contact admin via Contact us page.

17) How to write Sponsored Article with Switch Your Mood?

Ans: Writing Sponsored article about your website is a one kind of Promotion, for that you need to pay something to us. it’s free to Write in First Month but later that you have to Pay Yearly and it cost 50$/Year. If you wanna know more about this Read this ULTIMATE PROMOTION

You can Ask more about Switch Your Mood we will add that Question here and also answer that Question Publicly. Thanks

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