How to start Organic Food Store Business?

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Organic Food Store

Organic Food Store – The demand for organic food is increasing. The prime reason is everyone wants to live a healthy life. They are ready to spend money on healthy and natural food and green vegetables, which is organic food. Thus starting an organic food store is profitable and future business. If you are planning to start your organic food store, here is complete information about organic food store business and things to be taken care of while opening an organic food store.

In this article, you will learn

What is the meaning of Organic Food?

Before starting an organic food store, the most important thing that you need to know is what are organic substances and how are they beneficial for us. And why such businesses are growing very fast in India.

Organic food means food grown organically without using pesticides and chemical-based fertilizer. It is natural food. Organic food includes vegetables, fruits, grains, bakery products, and some processed foods. Such as – apples, strawberries, carrots, grapes, eggs, fine grains, rice, best milk, dairy products (butter, yogurt, milk, cheese), green beans, cucumber, greens leafy vegetables (spinach, lettuce, collard greens), cabbage Herbs, tomatoes, peaches, black pepper, parsley, potatoes (including sweet potato) and so on are many other substances that fall under the category of organic foods.

Organic food is beneficial to us as well as the environment because organic farming not only keeps our body fit but also keeps our environment pure. All substances made in organic farming are produced in the pure atmosphere by removing chemicals from the air, water, soil. That is why the business of organic farming is growing very fast in India, and its owners are also earning a good amount of profit, so this business is also very profitable.

How to Select Place for Organic Food Store?

We want to tell you that no matter what the business is, whether you set up a small fruit shop or open a big organic store, first of all, you need a good location. The success of your organic food store depends on your location. You should open a food store in a prime location or posh area where people understand organic food and ready to spend money on this type of store. Make sure you don’t have any nearby competitors.

It is recommended to start a small store with a small investment and rented shop.

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Registration and License required for Organic Food Store

To start any type of business, it is very important to get legal recognition of that business first of all.

If you have thought of starting a food-related business here, then you must apply to get a license of FSSAI.
Your store should also get official enrollment of the organic trade association.
Take approval from the local municipality & get a trade license.
Select one of the main operating structures for your small business, such as a corporation, limited liability company partnership or sole proprietorship.
Once the above paperwork is completed apply for GST number and PAN card. If you are opening a business in an individual capacity PAN card is not required.
Open a bank account on the name of your organic food store.

Hire staff for Organic Food Stores

For any business, you require manpower. It will be very difficult to manage a store with a single manpower.  In such a situation, you will need a good staff for management. You will need manpower for the management of stock as well as for accounts.

First of all, you need to decide how many people you will need and skillset. The manpower requirement will depend on the size of your business. Start with a small number of people.

You can take help from a staffing agency or newspaper advertisement for recruiting people. It is a good idea to recruit known and trustworthy people.

Organic food store management

To be successful in any business, you need to have good control over business in terms of management. Go through points given below that will help in managing your store effectively.

Always manage your organic store properly, at what price the goods are being sold to your customer and how you can track them easily.
The quality of the food matters a lot. Make sure to maintain quality of food.
Keep close eye on customer preference and make changes in product range and store accordingly.
It is good idea to have CCTV camera system in your store. This will help you in monitoring your store and controlling theft.
Keep good control of the supply chain. If required make a direct contract with farmers supplying organic food.

How to do marketing of your organic food store?

It is important to do marketing of your organic store so that you can increase sales and become successful. There are multiple ways to market your business. First of all, you need to tell people how organic food is beneficial for everyone.  You can market your organic food store on social media where almost every person in a country is connected.

You can prepare a website and market website and benefit from organic food via WhatsApp. Apart from this, you can also spread awareness about your business via an offline method such as putting up banners and posters. You can also use newspaper or hoarding for marketing your business.

Deciding price of Organic Food

Price is another important factor for making a selection. You need to make sure that the price of your food is economical or not so high. Compare the price of food with other nearby stores. This is to assure that you are not selling food at a higher cost. If you don’t find any nearby store you can try to locate other stores in the city.

Your customer base will not increase if you are unable to price your goods correctly. Therefore, determine the price of your product correctly.

How much investment is required for organic food store?

For organic food business, you may need to invest up to 7 to 12 lakh rupees. The major component where you need to invest money are given below –

Firstly, you need to decide on the location. If possible go for rented location. You need to pay a deposit for renting a place.
You will need staff for running business. You need to pay salary to them every month.
The organic food cost money. Initially, you will need approx. 5-6 Lakh to buy goods.
You need to spend money on furniture and other arrangements. This will cost you approximate 3-4 Lakh.

You can go for a business loan to establish your organic food business.

Conclusion –

You need to work hard and do a lot of things to establish and run organic food business. I hope the information given above will help you in establishing your business.

If you have any query about establishing or running an organic food store, you can send us an email or contact us via the comment section given below.

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